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Thomas Wade - 29th September 1820 - AA130

Drebley, Parish of Skipton, Yeoman

Copyhold real estate in Parish of Fewston to my sons Peter Wade and Thomas Wade Upon Trust to be sold and the profit be divided amongst my four sons Peter, William Wade, Thomas, and George Wade after deducting a fifth part for the maintenance of my four grandchildren George Wade, Thomas Wade, Sarah Wade, and Millicent Wade, the children of my late son Samuel Wade.

To my son Peter all my livestock, crops, farming utensils, and household furniture. It is my wish that he should succeed me in my farm with the permission of the Duke of Devonshire. If any other sons becomes the tenant then he is to pay 400 to Peter

I nominate my sons Peter and Thomas as executors.

Witnesses : Mary Demain, William Williamson, Francis Atkinson

Probate at York 23rd April 1820




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