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Richard Dearlove - 17th February 1821 - AA146

Scriven with Tentergate, Yeoman

To my wife Elizabeth Dearlove my real estate at Scriven and Knaresborough. Also all my furniture, household goods and personal estate. Also the power to raise 100 and dispose of it as she wishes.

At her death my real estate to William Nelson of Knaresborough, Grocer, and William Daniel of Knaresborough, Plumber and Glazier, Upon Trust to sell and divide into thirds.

One third to my niece Mary Fentiman, the wife of Thomas Fentiman.

Two thirds to be invested :

One half of the interest to be paid to my sister Mary Farnell, the wife of John Farnell of Ripley. At her death to transfer the investments to the children of Mary Farnell; William Farnell, Mark Farnell, and Mary Farnell

The other half of the interest to be paid to Mary Dearlove, the widow of my late brother Mark Dearlove until her children, Mark Dearlove, Maria Dearlove, and Mary Ann Dearlove, attain 21, at which time to transfer the investments to them.

Witnesses : Robert Morley, William Bradfield, Thomas Johnson

Died 29th May 1823. Probate 27th December 1823. Effects under 200.

Appraisal and excellent inventory, by Richard Simpson, available.




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