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John Ellison - 19th December 1825 - AB034

Knaresborough, Merchant

[Too long and complicated to précis (8 large sheets). You need to read this for yourself]

Extracted names and relationships : Lambert Ellison - son. Mary Ellison - wife. Isabella Ellison - daughter. John Ellison - grandson. William Ellison - son. George Benson - a tenant. Thomas Watson - adjoining property owner. Robert Dearlove - adjoining property owner. Ambrose Gray. Thomas Cass. John Fisher. William Ellison - brother. Richard Simpson - nephew.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, Ann Powell, Robert Dearlove

Died 12th February 1826. Probate 11th August 1826. Effects under £1,000.

Appraisement available in which these names appear : William Fairbank, John Taylor, James Henlock, John Norfolk.

List giving names of tenants of properties, in Knaresborough, owned by John Ellison : John Richard Parkes, William Brown, John ?????, Brian Dawson, Michael Calvert, John Balm, James Horner, William Heppel, Richard Franks, Henry Braithwaite, John Napier, Francis Johnson, Widow Johnson, Thomas Kirby, John Keswick, William Scaife, Mary Farrar, Christopher Furb???, Robert Dearlove, William Cawood, John Hicks, George Popplewell, Robert Newby, Roger Morton, John Cotton, Walton & Oakes, Charles Walker, Ann Turner, John Foster, Richard Jordan, Widow Foxton, Christopher Norfolk, Mary Windsor, Charles Bickton, Jonathan Peacock, William Anderson, Thomas Horner, William Spink, John Taylor.




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