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Robert Shutt - 29th April 1825 - AB077

Scriven with Tentergate, Yeoman

To my niece Sarah King, wife of Joseph King, the two houses in a Quarry Yard at Briggate, Knaresborough, occupied by Joseph Ingilby, and Widow Thompson.

To my niece Sarah Wigglesworth the house, shop and pig cote, in Briggate, Knaresborough, occupied by John Jackman.

To my three nephews John Shutt, James Shutt, and William Shutt, the five houses in Briggate, Knaresborough, occupied by Widow Windsor, ? Whitehead, Shoemaker, ? Ellis, Hannah Sutton, and William Atkinson. Also the other houses in Quarry Yard (except the two for my niece Sarah). Also my house in Bond End occupied by William Thackwray.

To my two nephews John Shutt and William Shutt my house in Watergates in Scriven with Tentergate.

To James Steel (son of my son-in-law William Steel) the house in High Bond End with the shop, now occupied by John Lewes. Also the adjoining garden now occupied by Samuel Lewty.

To Thomas Steel, another son of William, the house in High Bond End, occupied by Samuel Lewty, also the adjoining garden now occupied by John Lewes.

To Ann Steel, the wife of William, 10.

To my son-in-law William Steel the two houses in High Bond End now occupied by John Nelson and William Buck. At his death these house to go to his children (except James and Thomas). Also 10.

To my housekeeper Ann Steel the house that I now occupy, with Thomas Steel, in High Bond End. Also 30 and the furniture and effects in my house.

2 each to Grace Butterfield and Dorothy Wilkinson.

19 19s each to William Steel, John Steel, Jane Steel, and Sarah Underwood, sons and daughters of my son-in-law William.

The residue of my estate to my nephews, John, James, and William.

I appoint my nephews John and William as executors.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, Joseph Wilson

Died 27th May 1827. Probate 27th June 1827. Effects under 200.




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