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Henry Appleby - 29th September 1823 - AB091

Knaresborough, Husbandman

To John Ward of Middleton, near Ripon, Farmer, son of my sister Ann Waugh, wife of Richard Waugh of York, and John Routh of Howgrave, near Ripon, Farmer, all the real estate that I have as Mortgagee and all my personal estate, Upon Trust to convert to money, invest 20, and pay the interest to my sister Jane Hudson of Crakenhall.

At her death the same to her son William Hudson. Should he die before his mother then the same to go to his sisters.

My Trustees to place 320 out at interest and apply the profit for the maintenance and education of John Ingram, Henry Ingram, Elizabeth Ingram, and Jane Ingram, the children of the late John Ingram of Knaresborough. As they reach 21 they are to receive 80.

My Trustees to pay 13 each to my eight nieces, the daughters of my sister Jane.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell junior, of Knaresborough, Solicitor, Matthew Gill, James H Gould, his clerks.

Died 25th February 1828. Probate 19th March 1828. Effects under 750.




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