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Thomas Roundell - 13th August 1736 - H009

Arkendale, Yeoman

My burgage house in Knaresborough to my sister Mary Johnson [Mary Roundell], chargeable with 30 to my brother William Roundell a year after my death.

To my sons John Allinson and William Allinson, one guinea each. [Can anyone explain this to me ?]

To Dorothy Currer one guinea.

To Thomas Gunston and Jane Jackson, 2s 6d each.

To my servant John Young 2s 6d.

To my servant Samuel Fewsdale my second suit of clothes.

To my servant Anne Slee a suit of silk clothes.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my brother William, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Sweeting, Marmaduke Towland, Matthew Towland




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