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Jane Thackerey - 6th September 1735 - H013

Hampsthwaite, Widow

To my nephew William Steel, 7.

To my nieces Jane Cundall and Mary Cundall, 7 each.

To my niece Mary Garnet, 6.

To my niece Mary Baynes, 2.

To Sarah Stubb, the wife of Joseph Stubb, 1.

To my niece Margaret Robinson, 4.

To Thomas Deighton, 1.

To Elyas Deighton, Mary Deighton, and Hannah Deighton, the daughters of Matthias Deighton, 1 to be shared by them.

I appoint John Swale and Mathias Deighton Executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Waite, Thomas Waite the Younger, Ann Waite

[There is a note on the front of the Will which speaks of an Inventory to be sent on 25th June 1736]




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