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Thomas Askwith - 23rd January 1734 - H017

Ripley, Yeoman

To my wife Elizabeth Askwith, 30. Also all my household goods except the two chests in the parlour. Also an annuity of 3.

To the four children of Thomas Chippindale of Birfit, 5 each.

To Thomas Groves and three of his children, Thomas Groves, Elizabeth Groves and Mary Groves, 5 each.

To my wife's son, Thomas Hayes, 10.

To Peter Wilks of Nidd, butcher, 5.

To Thomas Hardy of Knaresborough, 5.

To George Hardy the Bill I have of his for 14 10s, and 5 10s in money.

To the poor of Clint 20 on interest to be paid yearly and distributed as the Vicar &c sees fit.

To all my Godchildren, 2s 6d each.

To Christopher Hardy of Killinghall, all the residue of my estate and appoint him Executor.

Witnesses : William Coates, Elizabeth Turpin, John Williamson


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