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Joshua Glover - 21st February 1734 - H020

Knaresborough, Vicar of Knaresborough

I wish to be buried near the lower end of the south isle in the Parish Church, near my late wife Margaret Glover.

My personal estate to be equally divided amongst my wife, Frances Glover, [second marriage ?]my daughters Margaret Glover and Anne Glover, my sons Joshua Glover and Thomas Glover, and my daughters Jane Glover and Elizabeth Glover, by my Trustees. My children's share to be put out to interest for their maintenance and education and to receive same on reaching 21. My wife to receive her share 3 months after my decease or to continue receiving interest.

I wish that my sons Joshua and Thomas be put out to business by my Trustees.

I appoint my father [in-law ?] Thomas Armistead of Staveley, my brother Isaac Glover of Ossett, and my friends Francis Shepherd and John Lawson, as Trustees.

Witnesses : Gregory Rhodes, Alexander Cooke, John Ross



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