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John Wescoe - 25th August 1735 - H021

Pannal, Gentleman

My real estate at Linton, Coneyston and Thorp (all within Craven) to my son Constantine Wescoe and son-in-law George Cheldrey and his wife Agnes Cheldrey [Agnes Wescoe], to sell and use the income as follows.

To my sons Stephen Wescoe, George Wescoe and William Wescoe, and my daughter Agnes, 60 each.

To my daughter Isabel Robinson [Isabel Wescoe] the annual interest due on 60. This principal sum to be equally divided amongst her children on her death.

All money in excess of the above devised 300 to be equally dived amongst my son Constantine and daughter Agnes.

My son Constantine and son-in-law George to stand surety for the above devised sums on my daughter Isabel and her children.

To my wife Anne Wescoe the best bed, bedding and furniture belonging, a chest of drawers. The residue of furniture and linen to be divided amongst my children.

A silver spoon to my son Constantine and one to my daughter Agnes.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my son Constantine whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : William Sharpe, Hannah Towlard, Matthew Towlard

Memorial of Will registered at Wakefield Registry of Deeds 12th April 1736 - HH 596 756.




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