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Christiana Cass - 23rd March 1736 - H022

Tentergate, Parish of Knaresborough, Widow

To John Taylor, son of Elizabeth Taylor, my niece, 4.

To Terrelease [Theresa ?] Taylor and Ursula Taylor, daughters of my niece, 3 10s each.

To Thomas Darlaw, son of John Darlaw, my nephew, 10s.

To my niece, Elizabeth Eedson, 10s. Also my woolsey coat and a quilted petticoat.

To Dennis Broadwith and Ann Blackburn, my nephew and niece, 10s each.

To my nephew, William Stevenson, 20s.

William Simpson of Knaresborough, skinner, owes me 10, plus interest, on a promissory note. He is to keep this money until John, Terreslease and Ursula Taylor become 21, at which time he is to pay their legacies.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to John, whom I appoint Executor, and his wife, Elizabeth.

Witnesses : William Higgins, Alice Cass, Matthew Towlard




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