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William Penington- 18th April 1737 - H026

Harrogate, Yeoman

To my wife Hannah Penington two cows and all the household goods except one range, one long table, one brass kettle, the milkhouse shelves and ???? tables, which I give to my son John Penington.

To my daughter Sarah Coates [Sarah Penington] an annuity of 10s.

To my three grandchildren, Mary Coates, Nicholas Coates and Dorothy Coates, 10 to be shared equally. This to be paid after the death of their mother.

The above legacies chargeable to my Copyhold land.

To John Knapton, William Knapton, and Joseph Knapton, my grandchildren, 20s each.

To my grandchildren William Hardcastle and Hannah Hardcastle, 20s each.

To my grandson William Penington 20s.

To my grandson John Ellis 20s.

To my youngest daughter Jane Penington 20 sheep, and the 2 years old red heifer.

To my wife a bay horse.

To my son John, whom I appoint Executor, my copyhold land.

Should my son die without issue then the copyhold land is to be equally divided amongst my five daughters : Sarah Coates, Margaret Knapton [Margaret Penington], Hannah Hardcastle [Hannah Penington], Mary Ellis [Mary Penington] and Jane Penington.

Witnesses : Francis Taylor, Richard Taylor, William Coates


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