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Ann Wheater - 29th January 1736 - H032

Graystone Plain, Parish of Hampsthwaite

To the two daughters of my cousin John Swaines, 2 each.

To John Ferriman, 2. Should he die before inheriting, then the same to his daughter Mary Houseman [Mary Ferriman] the wife of John Houseman.

To Mary Houseman, 5.

To Jane Hudson, wife of Thomas Hudson, 10s.

To my servant Mary Simpson, 10s.

To William Rhodes the younger, 1 1s.

To his sister, Anne Rhodes of York, 1 1s.

To Mary Mason, 2.

To Elizabeth Harrison, wife of William Harrison, 1 10s.

To Jane Scaife, wife of Peter Scaife, 1 10s.

To Martha Harrison, daughter of William, a pewter dish, an oval table, and a pair of bed socks.

I appoint my friend Thomas Simpson, linen weaver, as Executor, and give him the residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate.

Witnesses : William Harrison, Peter Scaife, Peter Lax

Probate : 1st March 1739


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