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Mary Bradley - 23rd September 1732 - H051

Knaresborough, Spinster

To the four children of [my uncle] Richard Bradley, late of Norwood in the Parish of Fewston, brother to my father Francis Bradley, late of Knaresborough, 10 each.

To the two sons of my uncle James Robinson, of Lancaster, 140 each. If either die before inheriting then 70 should go to the other and the remaining 70 to be divided amongst the children of Ellen Robinson, the wife of William Robinson of Manchester, and daughter of Mary Kilshaw, sister of Margaret Bradley, late of Knaresborough.

To my cousin Ellen Robinson, my house in Knaresborough where I now live, and at her death the same to her daughter Mary Robinson. Should Mary not have issue then the property to pass to the heirs of my mother Margaret Bradley, late of Knaresborough.

To the two daughters of Ellen, 60 each.

To the poor of Knaresborough, 5. Fifty shillings of which to be distributed within one month of my death, and 50s at the first Christmas following.

Residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate, to my cousin Ellen whom I appoint Executrix. If she is not living at my death, then the same to her two daughters

Witness : Matthew Towlard

[Note on back of Will : The two daughters of Ellen that were born before this Will was made are Mary Robinson and Elizabeth Robinson now alive this 12th July 1740. Mary aged 14 and Elizabeth aged twelve years. William Robinson sworn ???????? he is their father.



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