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Mary Luty - 5th August 1738 - H052

Parish of Hampsthwaite, Widow

To my daughter Lumley Luty [named items].

To my daughter's daughter [named items]

To my daughter Susan Coates [Susan Luty] [named items]

To my son Coates [presume she means son-in-law] 20s

To my daughter Elizabeth Hudson [Elizabeth Luty] [named items]

To my daughter Susannah Luty [named items]

To my daughter Elizabeth Luty [named items]

To my daughter Hannah Robinson [Hannah Luty] [named items] and to her son [sic] Jonathan Milner [ named items].

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to William Luty and William Skaife of Darley, in Trust, and appoint then Executors.

My Trustees to sell my house and garth and [named items] and invest the money towards the maintenance of my son Martin Luty.

My granddaughter Susannah Coates to have 60 on the death of my son Martin. Should she die first then the same to her heirs.

The heirs of my daughter Elizabeth Hudson to have 60 on the death of my son Martin.

My daughter Lumley to have 40 on the death of my son Martin.

Witnesses : William Coates, Jonathan Downes, Mary Downes

Note : On back of Will is a renunciation, dated 19th December 1759, by the Executors in favour of the residuary legatee Jonathan Miller.



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