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Joseph Hardisty - 5th September 1740 - H055

Hardisty Hill, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

To my brother-in-law John Roundill and John Swain of Meagill, all my real estate at Hardisty Hill, In Trust, until my nephew William Hardisty, of Hardisty Hill, reaches 21. they are to be responsible for the maintenance of the property and to maintain my mother, Jane Hardisty, and be responsible for her decent burial.

When my nephew, William, reaches 21 the property is to be assigned to him, and he then pay John Swain 40 when he reaches 24. When he reaches 30 he is to pay 20 equally amongst his four sisters, Hannah Hardisty, Jane Hardisty, Dorothy Hardisty and Emma Hardisty.

If William dies before 21, then my Executors are to sell my property and to immediately pay the above legacies. The residue of the sale money to be equally divided amongst my nephews and nieces.

Out of my personal estate I give :

My nieces Anne Parker and Dorothy Parker, 5s each.

To John Swain 10.

The residue of my estate to John Roundill whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : William Andrew, Ellen Joy, Robert Joy




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