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William Benson - 18th December 1740 - H058

Beckwithshaw, Yeoman

My Copyhold estate to William Coates of Ripley, and William Stubb of Beckwithshaw, In Trust for my wife.

To my son William Benson the low land now occupied by Robert Lowson. This land to pass to my son Peter Benson if William should die without a son, chargeable with 137 to the daughters of William.

To my son Peter, after the death of my wife, Emmot farm, Swamp Close and Well Close.

To Isabel Benson, wife of William, and annuity of 5 from the low lands, an the death of her husband.

The annuity of 50s that I pay my father Hall, and the 5 annuity I have to pay to his widow on his decease, and the 50 I have to pay at her death, to be paid out of the money in Widow Steel's possession.

To my godson William Benson 10 after the death of my sister Elizabeth Emmot [Elizabeth Benson].

To my sister Elizabeth an annuity of 10s.

To my son Peter, Gill Intack and James Garth.

To my niece Ellen Graham the 20s she owes me.

To my wife Elizabeth Benson, Hattersley Intack now occupied by Samuel Isles. If my son William pays her 25, he may have that land.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my wife and son Peter, whom I appoint as Executors.

Witnesses : William Wood, William Stubbs, William Coates




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