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David Swan - 26th March 1741 - H065

Beckwithshaw, Yeoman

To my nephew, Joseph Myers, 5, and my niece, Sarah Myers, 5, when they each reach 14.

To my nephew, David Briggs, 5 when he reaches 21.

To my nieces, Mary Briggs, and Luce Briggs, 5 each when they reach 21.

To my nephew and niece, Jonathan Wetherill and Anna Wetherill, 5 each when their parents live peaceably in the house I let them live in.

To my sister, Luce Wetherill [Luce Swan], 5 when her husband and her live peaceably in the house I let them live in.

To my sister, Faith Briggs [Faith Swan], the 5 her husband owes me.

To my wife Elizabeth Swan [named household items].

To my uncle Richard Allen [named clothes].

To Elizabeth Marston, Judith Hardcastle and Elizabeth Bradley, 1s each.

To my nephew, David Briggs, a piece of cloth and 5s to buy a Bible. Also an annuity of 20s until ???????.

To my sister, Faith Briggs, 20s for a new coat and [named items].

The residue of my goods and chattels, and real estate, to my wife Elizabeth and my brother Abraham Swan, and appoint them Executors.

Witnesses : Joseph Wilson, William Stubbs, William Coates




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