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Margaret Andrews - 18th June 1742 - H071

Knaresborough, Spinster

To my grandson in law William Gilbank, of York, one guinea.

To my sister Beatrice Sharp [Beatrice Andrews], of Ripon, an annuity of 20s.

To my nephew James Sharp, 2s 6d.

To my brother [sic] William Weeping, of Ripon, 2s 6d.

To his three daughters, Mary Weeping, Beatrice Weeping, and Anne Weeping, 2s 6d each.

To Aaron Lowcock, son of Thomas Lowcock of Knaresborough, 2s 6d.

To Mary Calvert, daughter of William Calvert of Knaresborough, 2s 6d.

To William Andrew, son of Dennis Andrew of Tentergate, 2s 6d.

To my son in law, Jonathan Andrew, all my real estate, goods and personal estate, and appoint him Executor.

Witnesses : William Lightfoot, Sarah Gilbank, Ann Green

Proved 13th July 1742




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