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John Clark - 20th October 1741 - H075


To my wife, Ann Clark, my house occupied by myself and Barbara Beckwith and Robert Turnbull, my undertenants, with the Toll Card and other buildings.

At her death the same to my son John Clark, chargeable with 20 each to my grandchildren, Robert Clark, Frances Clark and Ann Clark, the children of my son Thomas Clark, when they reach 21.

To my wife my clock and at her death the same to my son John.

To my wife the interest on 60. Also 20, being part of the 60 principal sum, to dispose of as she sees fit at her death.

At her death the remaining 40 to be divided amongst my son John and my daughter Ellen Clark.

The residue of the money I have at interest to my son John and daughter Ellen.

The residue of my personal estate, goods and chattels to my wife, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Nicholas Carter, John Park, Cuthbert Swainston

Proved 28th July 1742




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