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James Hammond - 31st October 1739 - H082

Bramley Head, Parish of Fewston

My copyhold building and land at Bramley Head to my son James Hammond, chargeable with an annuity of 2 10s to my wife Anne Hammond. If my son defaults then my wife is to have High Close and the barn.

The above legacy also chargeable with 40 to my daughter Anne Hammond when she reaches 21, and to maintain her until she reaches that age, paying her 40s per year. If my son defaults she is to have Low Close and the barn.

Out of the residue of my buildings and lands my son James is to pay Marmaduke Lupton the 70 I owe him.

I give [named items of furniture and bedding] to my wife.

Residue of my personal estate to my son James whom I appoint Executor.

I nominate John Demain of Bramley Head Trustee to advise my son.

Witnesses : Anthony Demain, Margaret Demain, Robert Joy

Proved 13th October 1742

Small appraisal of 25th January 1741 by William Cookson, John Simpson and Marmaduke Metcalf available.


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