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James Collins - 23rd September 1727 - I006

Knaresborough, Gentleman

To my eight children : Jane Collins, James Collins, Henry Collins, Margaret Collins, Francis Collins, William Collins, Richard Collins, and Anne Collins, all my goods, chattels and personal estate, as they reach 21. They are to be maintained out of the profits of this estate prior to reaching 21.

I wish that my personal estate (except the three houses in the High Street) be sold and the money be put out to interest.

I appoint William Roundell of Knaresborough, Gregory Rhodes of Ripon, Joshua G??ler of Knaresborough, and Michael Richardson of Knaresborough, Mr brother-in-law William Leeming, and my son-in-law John ?????, Executors and Trustees.

Witnesses : Robert Russell, John Squire




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