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Jane Wooley [Jane Manby] - 4th May 1731 - I010

Knaresborough, Widow

To my son John Wooley the house in which I now live, for the reminder of the Leasehold. Also all my goods, chattels and personal effects.

I wish my son to live either with his uncle Aaron Manby, or his uncle William Manby, or his aunt Mary Dennison.

Should my son die before reaching 21, then I give my house to my sister Mary Dennison. In this case my goods and chattels are to go to my brothers Aaron and William Manby. The goods to be sold and the money invested. From this interest an annuity of 30s to go to Jane Manby, daughter of Edward. Also an annuity of 20s to go to Aaron Manby, son of Edward, until he reaches 21, and at that time he is to have 20 from the principal sum.

The residue of the principal sum to go to : My brothers, Aaron and William, and my sister Mary Dennison.

I appoint my brothers Aaron and William, and William Dennison as Executors.

Witnesses : John Mountain

Probate 24th May 1731




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