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Henry Hill - 29th May 1730 - I015

Beckwith cum Rossett, Farmer

To my son Henry Hill 200 when he reaches 21 or marries.

I appoint by brother William Hill and William Fletcher, trustees and guardians over my son.

Should my son die before inheriting then the 200 is to be distributed as follows :

To my wife, whom I appoint Executrix, 50.

To my nephews, John Hill, William Hill, Edward Hill, and Samuel Hill, 11 each.

To my nieces, Anne Hill, Margaret Hill, and Mary Hill, 11 each.

To the children of my brother Bryan Hill : Henry Hill, Anne Hill, Mary Hill, 11 each.

To the children of my brother William : William Hill, Henry Hill, Mary Hill, 11 each.

To my sister Sarah Hill, 7.

To my father William Hill an annuity of 10s.

Residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate to my wife Mary Hill, and appoint her Executrix.

Witnesses : Mary Bentley, William Hill, George Bentley




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