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Walter Holmes - 27th February 1726 - I018

Thornthwaite, Yeoman

To my daughter, Margaret Collyer, 10.

To my daughter, Anne Simpson [Anne Holmes], 6.

To my daughter Susannah Wigglesworth [Susannah Holmes], 14, upon condition that her husband pays off all sums of money owing to Anne Saxton of Thornthwaite. If he refuses then the 14 is to go to Anne Saxton.

To my granddaughters, Jane Holmes and Mary Holmes, 2 each.

To my son Jonathan Holmes all my household good now in his possession.

To my granddaughter Hannah Holmes and annuity of 2 for five years for her tuition.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my grandson William Holmes, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : Richard Snow, Mary Hall, George Wright




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