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John Metcalfe - 20th July 1695 - I028

Dike Lane, Parish of Ripon, Cordwainer

My late father, William Metcalfe, in his Will, gave my mother, Elizabeth Metcalfe, an annuity of £5.

I now give my mother the east end of the house in which I now live, with all the land and other buildings which were formerly the property of the late Ralph Robinson, in lieu and in satisfaction of that annuity.

To my mother and my wife, Anne Metcalfe, all my goods and chattels between them, except the two steers at Bishop Thornton and all my sheep there; I give these to my brother in law and sister Wilkinson children.

My wife is to pay £30 from her half of my goods and chattels to my brother, George Metcalfe of Kegsworth, Leicestershire, clerk, as was given in the Will of my late father.

To my wife the west end of the house in which I now live, with all the land and other buildings I recently purchased from Mary Hardcastle, widow.

If my wife should have a child before my death, then that child is to have all of my house and grounds after the deaths of my wife and mother. Should she not have a child, then the same to my brother George, chargeable with £50 : My brother in law William Wilkinson and my sister Elizabeth Wilkinsonís [Elizabeth Metcalfe] four children, £10 each, and £5 each to my sister and brother in law.

Witnesses : John Gill, William Wilkinson, William Slinger, Thomas Metcalfe, Robert Wood




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