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William Hardisty - 30th September 1729 - K036

Hardisty Hill, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

The ancient land of 4a 3r, bequeathed to me by my father, William Hardisty, with the house and other buildings (except the little adjoining house), to my son William Hardisty when he reaches 21.

Should he die before inheriting, then the same to my daughters, Frances Swain [Frances Hardisty], Hannah Hardisty, Jane Hardisty, Dorothy Hardisty, and Emma Hardisty. However, if he has married and then died with issue before inheriting, then the same to his issue.

The little house adjoining my house to my daughter Emma when she reaches 21. Should she die before inheriting, then the same to my daughter Dorothy, and should she die before then, then the same to my son William.

To my son William the three closes of 3Ĺa with the half house, barns and buildings, that I bought from Robert Parker, when he reaches 21, chargeable with £50 to my daughters Hannah, Jane, Dorothy, and Emma.

If my father-in-law, Edward Robinson, does not give or bequeath to my daughter Frances £40 or more, then my son William to pay her the £40 when he reaches 22.

As to the money Iíve expended upon the lands surrendered to me by William Hardisty and his wife Elizabeth Hardisty, Christopher Benson and his wife Mary Benson, this being £136 10s. This sum to go to my wife Hannah Hardisty in lieu and towards the payment of her daughterís portions : Lydia Procter and Sarah Procter. Also the £20 held by William Procter, and £40 with Joseph Fe???, and £20 with me, and £11 10s, which will make up the portions for Marmaduke Procter, Lydia and Sarah.

As to money I have at interest with John Day of £105, I set apart towards the payment of £149 10s which I owe to Robert Parker.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate, to my wife, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Thomas Wardman, Joseph Hardisty, Robert Joy




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