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Richard Andrews - 29th March 1734 - L001

Knaresborough, Yeoman

My copyhold waste building in the market place, Knaresborough, occupied by myself, William Hardisty, and Bryan Hill, to William Pullen of South Otterington, Clerk, and Robert Ross of Knaresborough, Butcher, for the use by my wife Jane Andrews.

At her death the same to the children of my late nephew, Thomas Andrews of Knaresborough.

My three closes in Ferrensby called Harwicks, being 12 acres and occupied by Samuel Sharper, to William Pullen and Robert Ross, for the use of my wife. At her death the same to William Pullen of Arkendale, chargeable with 50 to William Pullen, and 50 to Hannah Pullen, his children.

My house called New Grange, at Scotton, with the outbuildings and seven closes, now occupied by Thomas Green, to my wife Jane. At her death the same to my nephew John Andrews, chargeable with 200 to whoever my wife has nominated in her Will.

The two houses at Beach Hill, in Knaresborough, now occupied by William Houseman, Christopher Ingham, and Mary Skaife, to my wife. At her death the same to my sister Hannah Pullen [Hannah Andrews].

To my sister Hannah 1 1s.

The children of my late nephew Thomas, are to pay, on the death of my wife, to John Headley, the son of Dorothy Darley, 20.

Residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate, to my wife Jane, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Henry Pullin [Probably Pullen], William Smisson [Probably Smithson], Robert Brown

Memorial registered at the West Riding Registry of Deeds, Wakefield, on 3rd August 1734, in Book FF Page 730 Number 1051




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