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Dorothy Cooke - 9th January 1732 - L003

Felliscliffe, Parish of Hampsthwaite

I have surrendered my copyhold property to my Trustees, Thomas Harrison and William Jeffrey.

After the death of my husband, Jonathan Cooke, I give to Francis Bilton, senior, the six closes of land called Well Close, Laith Close, Peeler Close, Little Close, and two others, with the ancient building, two barns, an oven house, stable, turf house, now occupied by my husband, chargeable with :

20 to the assigness of my husband.

20 to Dorothy Wilson.

1 each to Robert Harrison, Chretto Harrison, Marie Harrison, Susannah Harrison, and Ann Pil??.

2 to Thomas Harrison.

2 to Thomas To??.

After the death of myself and my husband :

To Catherine Chippindale, an ancient building, barn and stable, three closes called Low Close, Middle Close, and Little Close, now occupied by Luke Kendall, and at her death the same to her daughter Dorothy Chippindale. Should Dorothy due before her mother then the same to her brothers and sisters. This is chargeable with an annuity of 10s to Susannah Dodgson and a sum of 10. 1 to Susannah Bilton. 1 to Luke Kendall. 1 to Ellen Fleetham. 1 to Marie Stead. 2 to Marie Broadley.

Witnesses : William Harrison, Thomas Simpson, Hannah Fleetham, Jonathan Cooke




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