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Catherine Talbot - 24th May 1733 - L004

Knaresborough, Widow

To Elizabeth Ayrton one guinea to buy a mourning ring.

To my servant 1 over and above her wages, and a decent mourning suit.

3 for the poor.

10 to the Rector of Spofforth, the interest to be used each year to give bread to the poor of Spofforth on the 25th November. This money is from my late husband, Dr Ayrton.

Two guineas to Catherine Potter.

Residue of my goods, chattels, and personal estate, to my niece Elizabeth French to give to her children, and appoint her Executrix.

If my niece is not with me at my death then my friends Joshua Glover and Elizabeth Finney are to take my estate In Trust for my Executrix. I give then a guinea each.

Witnesses : William Layton, William Dade, William Sharpe senior




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