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Thomas Andrews - 28th March 1733 - L014

Knaresborough, Yeoman

My Copyhold estate in the Manor of Knaresborough to my father Walter Robinson, my uncle Richard Andrews, and my brother-in-law William Wrather, and William Coates of Ripley, In Trust. Also my real estate in Scriven in Tentergate to my Trustees. They have power to sell as they see fit to settle my debts and funeral expenses.

The residue of my real estate to my wife Edith Andrews, for the maintenance of my four children, Grace Andrews, Margaret Andrews, Thomas Andrews, and Richard Andrews, until they reach 21 or marry.

When Grace, Margaret, and Richard reach 21, they are each to receive 100, and the residue of my estate is then to pass to Thomas.

Witnesses : John Gott, Hannah Pulleyn, William Thompson




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