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William Andrews - 24th January 1724 - L020

Scriven, Yeoman

Henry Slingsby, Esq., owes me £110. I give this to my granddaughter Sarah Andrews.

To my granddaughter Sarah one pair of bedstocks, bedding, furniture and linen in the chamber, and little chamber, in my house.

To my grandson Jonathan Andrews half of my personal estate.

The other half of my personal estate going to my daughter-in-law Margaret Andrews, on the condition that within six months that she pays off half of her husbandís debts.

If my grandson dies before inheriting then my granddaughter to have his share and pay off the other half of her husbandís debts.

My friends James Collins, of Knaresborough, Gentleman, and William Guisley of Knaresborough, Linen Draper, are appointed Trustees and supervisors of my Will.

I appoint my grandchildren as Executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Danby, Richard Kettlewell

Codicil - 5th March 1727

[Replaces James Collins with Philip Dixon of Knaresborough, Linen Draper, as a Trustee]

Witnesses : Joshua Glover, Christopher Long, Christopher Long junior




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