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Jane Holyday - 14th April 1727 - L021


To Jane Holyday, daughter of William Holyday of Burnt Yates, 1.

To Robert Farnill and William Farnill, the children of William Farnill of Nidd, 1 each.

To Anne Wood of Hampsthwaite, 1.

To John Matthew of Hampsthwaite, 1, and my ???? hood.

To my uncle Robert Holyday, 1.

To Anne Wright, wife of William Wright of Hampsthwaite, a double ??? coat.

To Margaret Umpleby, wife of John Umpleby of Birstwith, one mantle coat ??????? and a petticoat.

To Mary Deetton [probably Deighton], daughter of Matthew Deetton of Hampsthwaite, a pair of bedstocks with the feather bed, one rug, three blankets, one bolster, three pillows, and all the bed hangings belonging to the bed.

To Mary Deetton and Mary Farnill all my bed and table linen.

To Ellen Askwith of Hampsthwaite, a coat and petticoat.

To Hannah Umpleby a calico petticoat.

Residue of my personal estate, goods and chattels, to Thomas Harrison of Birstwith, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : Timothy Beeton, Thomas Matthew, Richard Yates




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