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Testator Locations


Here are all the Testator locations in the Knaresborough Wills. Some good examples here of how you really have to search to find 'your' Will. They will not always be in the obvious location. Many of these 'Out of County' Wills would be because of property held in the Knaresborough Wills area.

The spellings are not mine, but as shown in the Will. Many of the locations are a complete mystery to me ........... not surprising for one who came from South of the Watford Gap in 1977. (Good move...!!)


Addingham, Addington, Aiskew, Allerton, Alwoodley, Arkendale, Armley, Barnesley

Beamish, Co Duham, Beckwith, Beckwith-Cum-Rossett, Beckwithhead, Beckwithshaw, Bedford Square, Beverley, Bilton, Bilton Green, Bilton Park, Bilton-Cum-Harrogate, Bingley, Birk Cragg, Birstwith, Bishop Thornton, Blandhill, Blubberhouses, Bolton, Bondend, Boroughbridge, Boston Spa, Bowldshaw, Bradford, Brading, Bradley Lane, Braham Lane, Braim, Braim Lane, Brame Lane, Bramley, Bramley Head, Brearton, Brompton, Burley, Burneston, Burnt Yates, Burton Leonard, Butterhills

Cambridge, Castley, Cayton, Cinder Hills, Chelsea, Clifton, Clifton-Cum-Norwood, Clifton-In-Norwood, Clint, Clock House, Coghill Hall, Coneythorpe, Copgrove, Could Coates, County Kentucky, Coxwold, Crag Hall, Fewston, Cragg Hall, Cragg House, Crich, Crimple, Crimple House

Dacre, Dallow Hill, Darby, Darley, Dilbrook, Dishforth, Dowgill Hall, Drebley, Dunkeswick

Easingwold, East End, Elvington, Embsay

Farnham, Farnley Hall, Fellbeck, Felliscliffe, Ferrensby, Fewston, Follifoot, Forest Lane, Forest Lane Head, Fuiston Hill, Fulwith, Fulwith Mill

Gallow Hill, Gateshead, Gill Bottom, Gill Bottom, Clifton, Gledstone, Goldsbro', Grantley, Graystone, Great Ouseburn, Great Timble, Greenhow Hill,Guisborough,Gumby

Hampsthwaite,Hampsthwaite Hollings, Hardisty Hall, Hardisty Hill, Harewood, Harlow Hill, Harrogate, Hartwith, Haverah Park, Hay Park, Helcombe Villa, Heslington, Higham Park, Highfield, Highwoodale, Holbeck, Holme, Hopper Lane, Hopperton, Howden, Hunsingore, Hunslet, Hurlow, Hutton, Hyde Park


Jack Hill

Keighley, Kereby, Kettlesing, Killinghall, Kirby Hall, Kirk Deighton, Kirk Hammerton Hall, Kirkstall, Knaresborough, Knaresborough-Coghill Hall, Knox, Knox Mill

Langbar, Leathley, Leeds, Lindley, Little Ouseburn, Little Ribston, Littlethorpe, Litton, Liverpool, London, Long Marston, Low Harrogate, Lundhouse Green, Lunds Green, Lynedock, Scotland

Manchester, Margate, Marton-Le-Moor, Masham, Meagill, Meg Yate, Meggate, Melsonby, Menwith, Menwith Hill, Menwith-Cum-Darley, Middlesex, Middlesmoor, Moor Monkton

Naburn, New Malton, Newbridge, Newbrigg, Newby, Newsholme, Northallerton, Northampton, Norwood, Nunwith-Cum-Darley

Ockton, Ossett, Otley, Oxford

Padside, Padside Hall, Padside Head, Pannal, Pannal Ash, Pateley Bridge, Plumpton, Poppleton, Preston, Providence Green

Rastrick, Ratten Row, Rattle Cragg, Raventofts, Reading, Redmire, Ribston Lodge, Richmond, Rigton, Ripley, Ripon, Rossett Green, Roundhay, Rowden Lane, Rowley

Saltergate Hill, Scarbro', Scotton, Scriven, Scriven-Cum-Tentergate, Sculcoates, Selby, Shaw Mill,Shilbottle,Sinder Cills, Sinderhills, Snowden, South Acres,South Stainley, Spacy Houses, Spinksburn, Spittle Croft, Spofforth, Sprinksburn, Spruisty, Stackhouse, Stainburn, Stainley, Stainley-Cum-Cayton, Starbeck, Staveley, Stockeld, Stow Bridge, Stubbings, Studley Royal, Sulphur Wells, Summerside, Swincliffe, Swindon

Tadcaster, Tangbeck, Tatefield Hall, Tentergate, The Bogs-Harrogate, Thirkleby Park, Thistle Hill, Thormanby, Thornbro'-In-Allerton, Thornthwaite, Thorp Arch, Thorp Green, Thorpe, Thruscross, Timble, Tockwith, Tollerton, Topcliffe

Walkingham, Walshford, Walton Head, Walworth, Weeton, Wescoe Hill, West End, West Syke Green, Wetherby, Whipley Lane-Ripley, Whipley Moor, Whitechapel, Whitewall, Whixley, Widray, Windlestone, Winsley, Woodfoot, Woodhouse, Wormald Green, Worsell Head, Wortley, Wreaks, Wreaks Mill

Yeadon, York.


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