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Nicholas Pawson - 16th May 1731 - M008

Padside, Yeoman

My Copyhold estate at Padside to Christopher Yates and Robert Wigglesworth as Trustees.

To my wife Anne Pawson my copyhold estate, and I appoint her Executrix.

My son William Pawson to pay Nicholas Stead the 10 I owe him, after the death of my wife.

To my son Nicholas Pawson 15.

To my son John Pawson 15.

To my son Thomas Pawson 10, provided he makes no demand before his daughter Mary Pawson reaches 21.

To my grandson Henry Pawson, son of William, 5.

The above 45 of legacies and the 10 to Nicholas Stead to be paid by my son William after the death of my wife, at which time my Trustees are to surrender my Copyhold estate to him.

Should William die before his mother then my copyhold estate to go to his son Henry when he reaches 21.

Witnesses : Edward Holmes, George Wright




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