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George Wright - 6th May 1732 - M022

Padside, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To William Petty of Padside, as Trustee, my copyhold estates in Padside, Thornthwaite, and Thruscross, chargeable with my legacies.

To my Executor all my goods, cattle, and personal estate, for the payment of as much my debts. For the payment of the remainder I devise to my Trustee my copyhold estates from the 25th March following my death for a period of three years.

To Richard Oddy of, or near, Pateley Bridge, 10.

To William Bumby of Moorheads, 10.

To Isabel Hardisty, daughter of the late John Hardisty of Reedshaw, 10.

To Jane Hardisty of Graystone, 4.

To John Hill of Rattan Row, 2.

To William Myers of Rattan Row, 2.

To Alice Bayke of Hingan, 5.

To William Myers of Northwood, and his sister Jane Myers, 6.

To Walter Fawcett and his wife, of Rattan Row, 6, and whatever his debt is to me.

To the children of Thomas Dawson, of Pateley Bridge, 5 between them.

To Jonathan Holmes, son of Walter Holmes of Thornthwaite, 2.

Provided my Trustee pays all of the above within 6 years, then he is to have the two closes called Burley Bank and Stone Close.

To George Wright of Redsike, my interest and title to the three beastgates in Dacre Pasture which I bought from him.

To George Wright the son of George Wright, 5.

To the daughters of George Wright, 20 to be shared amongst them.

To Ann Oddy of Thornthwaite, Widow, 3, to be paid within 3 years of my death. After which she is to have an annuity of 3 for a 16 year period.

To the two children of Joseph Richardson, of Craddock House, 4, to be paid within 7 years of my death

To the children of William Petty, 10 each

To Isabel Wright, sister of John Wright of High Rails, 2, payable within 6 years of my death.

Residue of my copyhold, leasehold, and personal estate to William Petty, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : John Reynard, Thomas Taylor, Robert Joy




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