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John Clark - 30th January 1729 - M023

Pannal, Yeoman

To my eldest son Thomas Clark my copyhold property (Calf Close Wood and two Lightfoot fields), chargeable with an annuity of 5 to my son John Clark. Also to my son John a further annuity of 20s, to commence after the death of my wife Deborah Clark. Also chargeable with the below legacies :

To my son George Clark, 20.

To my daughter Ann Clark, 20.

To my son Marmaduke Clark, 10.

To my grandson John Clark, son of Marmaduke, 10.

To my daughter Mary Clark, 20, provided she marries with the consent of my friend George Bentley. Should she marry unhopefully then that sum is to be divided amongst the rest of my younger children.

To my son Thomas 10s.

To my son Marmaduke 10s.

To my son George 50

To my daughter Ann 100

To my daughter Mary 100

The above 5 legacies to be paid by my Executrix within 6 months of my death.

To the poor of Pannal 5 which is to be invested and the interest to be divide amongst them at each Christmas.

To John Clark, son of Thomas Clark, 1.

To the three children of my son Marmaduke, 10s each.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate, to my wife Deborah, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Thomas Cheldray, George Bentley, junior, Thomas Hardcastle

Probate 15th April 1730




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