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Richard Ayrton - January 1730 - M027

Kettlesing, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Mason

To William Jeffray and Arthur Myers the property I have surrendered on 3rd January 1730, being my house and four closes called Bank Close, Minnikin Croft, Pearcy Croft, and Meese with all the buildings, totalling 4 acres (excepting the cottage occupied by Anne Holiday and Rachael Rennard, widows, with one barn, a turf house, a cart house, and an intake on the south side of the cottage, an orchard on the north side, two little gardens on the south side) in the hamlet of Felliscliffe and now occupied by me, as Trustees.

The above property to be sold after the death of my wife Mary Ayrton and the money shared amongst my five daughters : 26 each to Mary Ayrton, Jane Ayrton, Sarah Ayrton, Elizabeth Ayrton, and Joan Ayrton, to be paid immediately after the sale of the property, and the remainder equally divided. Should any die before inheriting then the others to equally share her share.

My daughter Anne Wilson [Ann Ayrton], wife of Jonathan Wilson, is to have an equal share in the above death clause.

To my daughter Anne, 2 2s.

To my daughter Elizabeth the bed and bedding she now uses.

To my two daughters Jane and Elizabeth the cottage now occupied by Anne Holidayand Rachael Rennard, with all the other appurtenances mentioned above.

My wife Mary to have the rents and profits from my houses and lands.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my wife whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Thomas Clark, John Jeffray, Christopher Holiday




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