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John Parker - 23rd December 1745 - N007

High Houses, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

If my wife Elizabeth Parker shall have a child by me then that child to have all my Copyhold property on reaching 21, chargeable with one third of the profits to my wife. My wife to have this property in the first instance, and use the profits for the maintenance and education of such child.

Should my wife remarry then my real estate to go to my father John Parker, my brother Alanson Scaife, and my friends Timothy Pullan and Robert England, whom I appoint as Trustees for such child, chargeable with the third already mentioned.

Should my wife not have a child then my real estate to go to my father John, chargeable with 500 in lieu of her thirds, besides the money my father Thomas Scaife owes me.

To my cousins Anne Bramley and Dorothy Stubb, 5s each.

I appoint my father John as Executor.

Witnesses : Christopher Watson, William Moon, Robert Joy





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