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John Morrell - 12th April 1743 - N020

Knaresborough, Butcher

I am owed 80, by Thomas Shaw of Marton with Grafton, on Mortgage.

My wife, Barbara Morrell, is to receive the interest on this 80.

At her death it is to be disposed of as follows :

To my nephew Robert Gibson one guinea.

To my nephew George Gibson 10.

To my niece Margaret Morrell one guinea.

To my niece Mary Kidson one guinea.

To my niece Anne Exelby one guinea.

To my niece Margaret Langdale one guinea.

To my niece Dorothy (whose maiden name was Dorothy Milner) one guinea

All above to be paid six months after the death f my wife.

The rest of the 80, my goods, chattels and personal estate to my wife whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Eleanor Manby, John Andrews

Probate 6th May 1747





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