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Jane Harrison - 7th September 1747 - N031

Parish of Hampsthwaite, Spinster

To William Harrison, son of Richard Harrison, 5.

To Thomas Hayes, Elizabeth Hayes, and William Hayes, children of Mary Hayes, Widow, 1 each.

To William Hodgson and Thomas Hodgson, sons of Thomas Hodgson of Myer Green, Parish of Ripley, 1 each.

To Ellen Beecroft, wife of William Beecroft of Bewerley, 1.

To Jane Ridsdale, daughter of William Ridsdale of Hampsthwaite, 1.

To the daughter of Henry Gill of Hampsthwaite, Blacksmith, 1.

To Elizabeth Leuty, wife of William Leuty, 3.

To Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Ellen Askwith, 1.

To my cousin John Harrison of Hampsthwaite, 4.

To William Wardman, son of George Wardman, 3.

To Ann Lawson, wife of Robert Lawson, Parish of Pannal, 1.

To Hannah Hill, the wife of John Hill, 1.

To Mary Smith, Ann Smith, and Elizabeth Smith, the daughters of Thomas Smith of Hurst, 1 each.

Residue of my personal estate, goods and chattels to my cousins Richard Harrison and Thomas Smith of Hurst, and appoint then Executors, giving them 5 between them for their troubles.

Witnesses : Edward Bainbridge, William Bramley, William Holmes





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