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Leonard Pickersgill - 3rd June 1749 - N040

Knaresborough, Fellmonger

To my three daughters Tabitha Pickersgill, Mary Pickersgill, and Ann Pickersgill, 100 each.

To my daughter Elizabeth Kitson [Elizabeth Pickersgill], wife of Jonathan Kitson of Knaresborough, Flax Dresser, an annuity of 3 during the life of her husband, chargeable to my copyhold property. This annuity to be paid direct to my daughter and not to her husband. At his death, my daughter Elizabeth is to receive 60. Should my daughter pre-decease her husband then the same annuity is to be paid to my grandson John Kitson and any other children she may have. My grandson is also to receive the 60 under the same conditions.

I forgive my son-in-law Thomas Wheelhouse, husband of my daughter Dorothy Wheelhouse [Dorothy Pickersgill] [Dorothy Ingham], the 30 he owes me, my daughter having received 100 in the lifetime of John Ingham, her late husband.

The residue of my personal estate, effects, and copyhold property to my wife Dorothy Pickersgill, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Jane Mann, Jonathan Wood, Thomas Mann





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