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William Bilton - 28th August 1749 - N043

Birstwith, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To my wife Ann Bilton my copyhold house, barn, oven house and land of 2 acres known as Peter Parker Farm, and at her death the same to my son William Bilton.

Residue of my real estate to my son William.

To my daughters Mary Bilton and Ann Bilton, 300 each when they reach 21. The interest meanwhile to be used for their maintenance and education. My wife to have tuition of my daughters and I appoint my brother Richard Bilton as supervisor and he is to be accountable to my son William once he reaches 21.

To my son William my freehold estate of 30a 3r : 6a occupied by Henry Gill; 4a 2r occupied by Cuthbert Lumley; 3a occupied by Thomas Aveson.

Remainder of my goods and chattels to my son William whom I appoint Executor. If he dies before reaching 21 then my copyhold property is to go according to the Customs of the Forest of Knaresborough and my personal estate to my two daughters.

If all my three children die before reaching 21 then my real estate to go to my wife, and at her death the same to my brother Richard.

To Mary Smith, Ann Smith, and Elizabeth Smith, daughters of Thomas Smith, 100 each.

To William West, son of Francis West, bowel turner, 5.

To William Chippindale, son of John Chippindale, Wright or carpenter, 5s.

To William Bramley, son of William Bramley, yeoman, 5s.

To William Holme, son of William Holme, husbandman, 5s.

If my 3 daughters die before reaching 21 then I give an annuity of 2 each for the education of 8 girls in the Hamlet of Birstwith. I appoint my brother Richard and Thomas Smith, the vicar of Hampsthwaite, as Trustees.

Witnesses : Francis West, Jane Bramley, William Holmes, Thomas Smith, Richard Bilton





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