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Sarah Jeffray - 15th February 1741 - O001

Brown Bank, Parish of Fewston, Widow

To my brother John Brewer my real estate at Clint that was surrendered to me by John Shann and Martin Hodgson for 500 security, now occupied by Thomas Parler. Also the 2 houses and land of 13 acres, occupied by Joseph Wilson and Widow Bentley, in Beckwith with Rossett. Also the two houses and 8 acres of land at Fewston, now occupied by Robert Parker and William Barber.

At his death the property at Beckwith to go to his son Jeffrey Brewer and the property at Fewston to his daughter Ann Brewer.

To my sister Ann Preston, whom I appoint Executrix, the house and 6 acres of land, now occupied by me, and 1 acre and one pennyworth of land, now occupied by Ann Carr, Widow, chargeable with an annuity of 8 to my brother Richard Brewer; which was an annuity left to him by my uncle Henry Jeffrey.

After the death of my brother Richard and my sister Ann, I give the same to my nephew Jeffrey Brewer.

Also to my sister, the house and 19 closes at Bilton with Harrogate, now occupied by William Godfrey, and at her death the same to my nephew Jeffrey.

Also to my sister the house and ancient building and 14 acres of land at Felliscliffe, now occupied by Joseph Stubbs, and at her death the same to my niece Ann Brewer.

To my sister Ann all my personal effects and the money I have at interest, either on copyhold or freehold property at Burley that I bought from Thomas Roberts, chargeable with 100 each to my nephew Jeffrey and niece Ann Brewer when they reach 21; and 10 to the hamlet of Clifton, the interest being given to the poor widows within that hamlet.

Witnesses : Robert Lawson, Samuel Irish, William Coates

Probate 4th April 1759 [This is 1749 overwritten as 1759]





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