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Francis Gill - 4th January 1749 - O009

Clint, Yeoman

My real estate at Burnt Yates, which I bought off Thomas Cass, to my eldest son Francis Gill, chargeable with 20 to my son William Gill when he reaches 21, and an annuity to my wife Jane Gill of 3.

The estate where I now live and the estate occupied by Miles Spence, to my son William, chargeable with an annuity of 2 to my wife Jane.

To my daughter Jane Gill 80, chargeable to my personal effects, when she reaches 21; the interest being used for her maintenance.

All my household goods, beast, sheep and horses, to my wife, chargeable with my funeral and court expenses.

To my son William, 40, chargeable to my personal estate.

The tuition of my children to my wife and if she remarries then to John Williamson of Ripley. And Joseph Simpson of Clint, whom I appoint Executors in Trust.

Witnesses : Mary Forest, William Coates, Richard Umpleby

Codicil - 8th January 1749

Daughter Jane to now receive 100. The extra 20 being paid by his son William at the death of his wife.

Witnesses : Robert Spencer, William Coates





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