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John Coates - 11th June 1749 - O012

Harrogate, Yeoman

My real estate of an ancient building and copyhold land called High Buttersome, Low Buttersome Closes, Teen Laith Garth, Broad Field, Great Broad Field, and Low Field, in total 6 acres at Beckwith with Rossett, after the death of my grandmother Elizabeth Jackson, to my nephew John Coates, son of my brother Jonathan Coates, and now occupied by a tenant William Blythe, when he reaches 21, chargeable with :

20 to, his mother, my sister-in-law Ann Coates.

150 to, his sister, my niece Elizabeth Coates.

My mother, Ursula Coates, whom I appoint Executrix, is to pay my sister-in-law Ann an annuity of 1 after the death of my grandmother Elizabeth.

I appoint my mother guardian of my nephew and niece, and to receive the profits from my estate for their maintenance and education, until my nephew reaches 21.

I appoint Francis Shepherd of Knaresborough, the elder, William Bramley and Thomas Smith, both of Birstwith, Trustees for my nephew and niece

Witnesses : Ann Cope, Bar?k Clapham, John Tengatt

Inrolled 25th October 1750





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