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William Coldbeck - 10th March 1749 - O016

Clint, Mason

My copyhold property at Clint to my wife Elizabeth Coldbeck and to receive the rents, also the little cottage where I now live, and the adjoining encroachment, chargeable with the interest on 20 to which I am indebted.

At her death, the same to my son James Coldbeck, he then paying the interest.

The above property to be chargeable with :

25 each to my sons George Coldbeck and Thomas Coldbeck.

10 to my son Robert.

To Mary Coldbeck and Elizabeth Coldbeck, daughters of John, 50s each

Above three legacies payable one year after the death of my wife.

I appoint my wife and son James as Executors

Witnesses : Peter Patrick the elder, Ann Lax, Peter Lax

Inrolled 12th December 1750





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