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Ellen Buckle - 23rd June 1750 - O018

Birstwith, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Single Woman

At the death of my mother, my copyhold property, consisting of a house, barn and three closes called Two Shut Close, One Garth, and Tom Stubing, to Joseph Umpleby, son of John Umpleby of Meggate, chargeable with 20 to his brother John Umpleby, and 20 to his sister Mary Umpleby.

To William West, son of Francis West, after the death of my mother, the three closes called Four Lands, Stripe Close, and Tang Close, chargeable with 10 to John Umpleby, son of John Umpleby, and 10 to his brother Francis West, and 30 to his sister Lydia West.

To my mother Lydia Buckle the close called Stubing or Nook Close.

My mother is to pay an annuity of 30s to my sister Lucy Umpleby, wife of John Umpleby, chargeable to the closes given to William West.

The residue of my estate and personal effect to my mother, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : William France, Robert Hewick, Peter Lax

Inrolled 8th May 1752





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