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Christopher Turnbull - 25th June 1751 - O022

Knaresborough, Linen Weaver

To my daughter Mary Turnbull my copyhold house, garden and workshop.

To my wife 80. Also 2 beds, bedsteads and hangings, a chest of drawers, 6 chairs, a tea table and the china in the parlour, all the pewter and linen.

To her son 10 to place him out at a trade.

To my mother Mary Turnbull an annuity of 5. This annuity to pass to my wife on the death of my mother.

My stock in trade to be sold and the money used for the comfort of my daughter, chargeable with the above annuity.

Residue of my estate to my brother John Turnbull, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : John Gallon, William Benson, Christopher Swainston





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