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William Metcalfe - 20th December 1751 - O037

Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

My copyhold property to my wife Isabel Metcalfe, until my son John Metcalfe reaches 21, for the education and the payment of the interest on 100 which I owe to William Skaife of Darley.

If my wife remarries before my son reaches 21, then the same to my nephew John Metcalfe with the above provisos. She is also pay the appraised amount of my personal estate to him for the use of my children and payment of my debts. I appoint him Trustee.

To my daughter Susanna Metcalfe, 40; half to be paid when she reaches 21 and the other half one year after the death of her mother. For non-payment she is to have the close called Jackson Close.

When my son John reaches 21 he is to have my copyhold property, and settling the 100 debt to William Skaife. He is also to pay an annuity of 2 to my wife. This to reduce to 10s should she remarry.

All my personal estate to my wife and appoint her Executrix.

Witnesses : William Skaife, Christopher Johnson, Isaac Grocer





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